Thursday, April 25, 2013

Concerning Senator Thomas J Dodd

From the obituary of Michael O'Hare former staff member of the late Connecticut senator 

... "Mr. Dodd strongly rebutted Mr. O’Hare’s testimony, called his bookkeeping “sloppy,” and said his previous confidence in the aide was “misplaced.” Mr. Boyd suggested that the senator needed to discredit Mr. O’Hare’s testimony because “it could put Dodd in jail if it wasn’t broken.”

"As a result, the case often became the word of the senator against the word of his bookkeeper. The two gave different accounts about who had signed the senator’s personal checks at various times. Ms. O’Hare said that if her husband had not lent his authority to the investigation, “it wouldn’t have stuck — and Dodd knew that.”

"In March 1967, Pearson and Anderson wrote a column purporting to explain Mr. Dodd’s lapses. They said he was an alcoholic, an accusation Mr. Boyd said was correct. The columnists, presumably quoting Mr. O’Hare, said he ordered whiskey for the senator, called his home to say Mr. Dodd would be late on Senate business when he was inebriated, and then took him home when he had sobered up sufficiently."

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