Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore, R.I.P.

"Her father, George Tyler Moore, a clerk, and her mother, the former Margery Hackett, were both alcoholics... "

"In the 1980s, Ms. Moore admitted to having a drinking problem. It had started, she said, when she was starring in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and had finally reached untenable levels. (In 2000, Mr. Van Dyke told Larry King that he was also an alcoholic and that he had also started drinking heavily while working on the show.) Ms. Moore entered the Betty Ford Center for treatment in 1984."
LINK to The New York Times obituary

John Hurt, R.I.P.

From Hollywood bad boy to national treasure: The notorious hell-raiser who drank up to seven bottles of wine a NIGHT

  • Sir John once boasted he drank seven bottles of wine a night during wilder days
  • He gave up alcohol in later years and became one of world's most beloved actors