Sunday, November 16, 2014

Howard Cozell

For non-American readers: the late Howard Cozell was a famous television sports broadcaster. One of his former colleagues, Al Michaels, has written a book that includes some anecdotes about Cozell.

The following quote is from the New York Post's article about the book.
Cosell was reaching “a new level of surliness,” and after a horrible broadcast during the 1984 baseball playoffs where he was noticeably drunk, he harangued Michaels about his baseball knowledge, then told him, “you need to learn how to take a stand.”

Michaels followed his advice immediately, excoriating Cosell for “drinking all night” and ruining the telecast.
 "I’ll take a stand right now, Howard,” Michaels said. “The next time you’re in this shape when we’re doing a game, either you’re not going to be there or I’m not going to be there. Is that a good enough stand for you?”