Thursday, August 24, 2017

O J Simpson

In 1996 a paperback version of my book was published in the United Kingdom with the title The Secret History of Alcoholism. This re-publication of my 1992 book gave me the opportunity to update some of the chapters, to include other famous people who I had reason to suspect were alcoholics. One person I added was O J Simpson,the American football player who was found "not guilty" of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in a famous trial. I included (in Chapter Eight, Alcoholism Kills) the following, with emphasis now added:

Years later, another husband (and possible alcoholic) stood accused of murder.  Over many months of 1994 and 1995 O.J. Simpson was tried for the brutal knife-slaying of  Nicole Simpson, his  former wife and Ronald Goldman, a young male acquaintance.  Admitted to evidence during the lengthy trial was a note Simpson had written in 1989 to his then wife, in which he apologized for punching her: "... I'm not going to blame being drunk thats [sic] no excuse.  (But I have decided to stop drinking and will go to  A.A.)"  While  testifying, Denise Brown, Nicole's sister, was asked if Simpson had a drinking problem.  Because of Simpson's lawyers' objections, Denise (a recovering alcoholic) was not allowed to respond.  O.J. Simpson was acquitted, but opinion polls showed that most Americans were convinced that  this charming, dapper, over-achieving ex-football star was indeed the killer.
Although he was acquitted in the murder trial, O J Simpson was convicted for another crime and sentenced to prison. In October 2017 he will be released on parole.

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